Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Plans, goals and intentions

 Being inspired by today's prompt and Mary's post I've got a lot going on inside my head about what 2015 is going to be like for me.  I'm trying to be positive and optimistic for 2015 since we are wanting to sell our house and downsize this year, but I still feel weighted down due to my constant fear that we'll have to move my mother back in with us.  I think having clearly defined goals and a precise focus will hopefully keep things from being too stressful.

10.  Knitting-finish what's on the needles and knit from stash-patterns and yarn.
  9.  Breath in AND out
  8.  Stay healthy-mentally, physically and emotionally
  7.  Purge, purge all that unnecessary STUFF
  6.  Complete the Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge
  5. Move, bend and stretch
  4. Smile more
  3.  Pray more
  2.  Learn to filter and respond to circumstances better
  1.  Live more simply

Check back with me in about 6 months and we'll see how all this is going?


  1. Great list! I've been working on #7, too. My goal is to get rid of at least 1000 things. I recently read an article in which the author got rid of 1000 things after interviewing a minimalist family. My downfall is sentimental things - those are hard to let go of.

  2. I am reading a similar tone in everyone's post today - downsizing all the stuff! Best of luck on your insightful list!

  3. This is a wonderful list. I am going to try the BookRiot Read Harder challenge, too.

  4. This is a very thoughtful and heartfelt list! (I haven't seen one list yet that didn't include "purging" of one type or another.) Keep moving (bending and stretching) and the rest of your list will be a snap! XO

  5. What an excellent list, full of varied and valuable intentions. I don't know the exact situation with your mother, but I do understand the fear and roller coaster emotions that go along with aging parents. Sending positive thoughts while you breathe in and out, read, and knit!

  6. Let's do hold each other accountable! and have you read The Magic Art of Tidying Up? it's sweeping my Feedly and Instagram feeds....