Monday, June 27, 2016


It feels like we are finally settled into our new apartment.  There are a couple boxes that are not unpacked, but we'll get to them soon enough.  Last week we cleared out one storage unit and transferred another one closer to our new place.  We have moved the antique secretary my in-laws gave to us in the dining area, and now we need to find a table and set of chairs so we can eat dinner like grown ups!  We have visited a couple stores, but need to keep looking, perhaps after the 4th of July holiday we'll settle on something.  The weekend was not all work and no play, and I enjoyed getting together with my Dixie Star friends at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel-we hang out in the lobby doing paper piecing-our current project is the Hexagon-Blocks on the Go-Quilts on the Grow by Katja Marek, and we are all using Joyce's invention the lap app.  So much fun getting caught up with Joyce and Brenda, but wish Kathy would have been able to join us.  We ate lunch at a restaurant attached to the hotel, and I had a wonderful Caesar salad with white anchovies-so delicious and not what I expected.
 There was some finishing, project pages are updated-a pair of socks and 2 sweaters.  I also got my knitting tote organized, and working towards getting the rest of the WIPs completed before September-that's my goal.  I've already started thinking about what I'll knit this fall from stash yarn.
 Sunday was a bike ride-I LOVE the bike lanes in our new 'hood.  I rode 11 miles in about an hour, but they were good vigorous miles. I rode both on the road and in the park nearby.  It's so awesome to be able to start a bike ride from home, and not driving to a place to begin the bike ride.  Looking forward to more weekend rides.
There was lots of cooking to get ready for the work week. Roasted lots of vegges, did some chopping, and other prepping.  The zucchini to the back was given to Joyce, and the one in the front became zucchini fritters, and was roasted with onion, garlic, and carrots.  By the end of the day the cherries were pitted, the tomatoes roasted, and the pepper sliced.
There was also some frogging-ugh-just couldn't get Equinox to work for me-maybe I'll try it another time.
Hope your weekend was not all work and no play.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Knitting Lesson(s)

Here's a Throw Back Thursday for ya--- 25 years back-summer of 1991-goodness my hair 0.o.  Me and my sister in law Mary at my in-laws patio home in Blue Water Bay, Florida.  We are both working on sweaters for the newest granddaughter-Jillian.  Mary is pregnant with Sara, and I am newly married into the family.  We also did a road trip to Grove Hill, AL that summer.  This was my very first knitting project, and Mary was so patient with helping me with the whole casting-on thing.  My knitting has definitely come a looooong way since then.  I never gave Jillian the baby sweater, it was truly horrendous, but I did hold onto it for a long time.  Now that we've moved-umm a few times, I'm wishing I still had it.  I'm so thankful for these [and the continued] lessons I've received.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Carole's prompt about what to do while listening to an audio book is an easy list to compile, but I'm also hoping to get inspired by others suggest.  My reading plans this summer include more audio and e books, and so doable thanks in part to my discovery of the Overdrive app.

10. Cook dinner or prepare lunch for the next day [photo above]
 9.  Knit!
 8.  Walk the dog
 7.  Fold/do laundry
 6.  Driving-commuting, running errands
 5.  Cutting fabric-which could include sewing-may have to turn the volume up if the sewing machine is going!
 4.  Taking a bubble bath-be careful where you put the device!
 3.  Getting a manicure/pedicure
 2.  Eating lunch/dinner if you are on your own
 1. Grocery shopping

Head over to Carole's blog for more inspiration.