Thursday, February 26, 2015


The weather in our area can only be described as unpredictable.  In an attempt to avoid the snowcropolis of last year, my boss closed our office for Wednesday.  Since I knew on Tuesday evening, I allowed myself to stay up a bit longer and sleep in just a tad bit on Wednesday.  It was kinda like a weekend day in the middle of the week.  No complaints from me!  I enjoyed coffee at the counter and a little time on Pinterest.  Then taking Sophie out for a walk before settling in to do some things inside.  I did make a quick run to the grocery store in the event that Thursday was a icy mess and it very well could have been! I knew everyone else who waited to go to the store would be hitting the stores on Friday or Saturday-NOT what I wanted to get caught up in.  I am quite pleased with my accomplishments for the day:
There was a little yoga, cleaning of the back-splash tile in the kitchen, a batch of peanut butter cookies, cleaning of a couple doors in Andrew's room, and binding finished on 2 quilts-yea for FOs!  These have been languishing for a long time.

There was the casting on of a new project-dream stripes shawlette

The snow finally arrived around 2:00, and when it stopped around 5:00 Sophie and I ventured out-she didn't know what to make of her tennis ball when it gathered snow and became a snow ball!
Thursday mornings delayed opening gave me a chance to cast on the Easy Folded Poncho.  I'm using Shibui linen and pebble held together.  I'll do more details about these projects in another post.

I watched plenty of pointless TV as well.  Steve worked the evening shift so it was just Sophie and me for most of the afternoon and evening-which i really sorta liked-don't tell anyone!!!!

I leave you with this clip from Saturday Night Live's spoof on our snowstorm of last year-I still find it hysterical!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back in time-oh the places I'd go

Carole's prompt this week is a tough one for someone with a history degree!  One of my favorite college professors always said if you wanted to go back in time be sure you were part of the rising middle class.  The nobility had to be careful of those who wanted them out of the way and of course there were little things like  revolts.  Let's face it most of the lower/poorer classes had it pretty rough.  Carole's rationale for her list is very similar to my thought process too.

10.  19th Century Paris-oh the artwork-would love to rub elbows with Monet, Degas ,etc.- and the fashion!
  9.  Victorian & Edwardian England-carriages, rose gardens, and yes, the fashion, all that beading!  minus the corsets of course, I'd have to find a work around on this one.
  8.   1960s London-the music-would love to have been part of those screaming crowds in London-and at this point of my life, I'm liking the fashion-thanks Mad Men.
 7.  18th Century Florence-for the artwork-I think I'd have more appreciation if I was going back in time as opposed to being in that time.
 6.  Early 20th Century New York City-watching the city grow I think would be so cool-penthouse on the upper east side please!
  5.  The wild west-I think I'd have been one of those rebel gals wearing boots, pants and sporting a holster!  So much to discover-rough living for sure, but someone had to do it!
  4.  1980s-yes I'd totally re-do my teenage years-especially knowing what I do now, and I'd love to be part of the computer industry that was emerging then.
  3.  Medieval Europe-I'd be married to the guy who was in the weaver's guild or a spice trader.
  2.  Toss up between Elizabethan England-the Old Bard anyone? and The Roaring 20s-short skirts-short hair and flat chests-perfect for me!
 1.   Early 90s when the boys were little-like Carole-I'd have a chance to recherish those moments with my boys.

I'm also loving right now in terms of knitting-so many fabulous patterns, yarns and techniques.  Also, being content with living more with less.  It's going to be fun reading the lists of others.  Great topic!

Friday, February 20, 2015

5 of Friday.

Having a four day weekend is giving me an opportunity to get lots done-some work and some play, and pretty much everything indoors!  I have discovered the BEST place in my house to dry things-our powder room.  Normally we keep the vent closed and the door open, and it's plenty warm.  However, with the vent opened and the door shut-whoa!  I made this discovery yesterday while I was drying my "unmentionables" on my drying rack.  I'm putting it to good use today, getting my FOs blocked has been on my to do list for a couple weeks.  My aperture sweater is currently soaking, and it'll be ready to lay out soon.  Am thinking I'll move it into the powder room tonight so it'll have a chance to dry un-disturbed. So my 5 things on Friday

#5-blocking FOs
#4-going NOWHERE tomorrow cause it's supposed to be quite unpleasant
#3-getting lots marked off my to-do list-which also includes things that are moving us towards getting the house ready for listing.  Still not sure when that will be, but I'll have my chores done anyway!
#2-completing a special-secret project for a special someone (hopefully by tomorrow)
#1-Saturday morning breakfast-something we haven't done in a while and just the 2 of us.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Right now . . .

This week's prompt is a reminder of lots of good things I'm looking forward to.

10.  Spring, so Sophie and I can enjoy more days in the back yard like the one when this photo was taken!
  9.  A 4 day weekend-which comes at the end of a 2 day work week-which was preceded by a 3 day weekend!
  8.  A full day of sewing on Thursday AND lunch with Brenda.
  7.  Knitting tonight AND Sunday.
  6.  Nothing on my calendar for Saturday-nowhere to go- just being at the house.
  5.  A college graduation, a wedding and an annual family trip in May.
  4.  Making another batch of Hudson Bay cocktails featured by Baby Cocktails.
  3.  Organizing my sewing/knitting area in the basement.
  2.  Friday night pizza and watching Justified with Steve (Walking Dead) is Sundays :-)
  1.  Swatching and blocking for new projects.

Lots of little things, but they add up to a whole bunch of happy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

The beginnings of the 2-tone twill scarf by Churchmouse Yarns & Tea-LOVE!.  This is for the 1st quarter KAL at Cast on Cottage.  I'm using Claudia's Hand Paint Addiction in stormy days (variegated) and rock (solid).  I'm sorta getting into the groove of the linen stitch, and have learned a couple tricks to keep me on track: 1) I keep the color I'm not using in the bag if I am not somewhere where I have a table or big chair/sofa to sit on.  The colors are so similar I found myself getting confused a couple times. And 2) that once you complete a RS and WS of each color all the stitches are the same yarn, cause you've either purled or knitted the slipped stitches on each row.  I think this is going to be a great piece for my spring wardrobe.

I'm on Week 3 of the Kaffe Fassett Rowan Pure Wool Worsted KAL.  I'm 3 squares in and have 4 to go.  I've seen a photo of a completed afghan, and I'm pretty excited to see this finished.

My only other WIP right now is the sommer sleeveless top which is now beginning to seem like the never ending project.  I'm at a "at the same time" place in the pattern, so I'm waiting til I can sit and focus on what comes next.  I'm really happy with my knitting right now, and hope to be swatching for something new real soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love Sweet Love

Valentine's is just a few days away, so thinking about what we love seems appropriate.  I love . . .
10.  my husband and boys
 9.   my in-laws-all of them from the 5 month old to the 76'ers!  Great people
 8.  knitting-duh
 7.  quilting-when things work out
 6.  reading
 5.  fresh bread
 4.  pasta
 3.  red wine
 2.  exercise-walking or cycling
 1. my book club

This just a few of the things/people I love and enjoy.  I also am enjoying this bottle of wine I got last week at Trader Joe's.  Project Happiness-what's not to love?!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Time for a Block(ing) Party

Finally, some FOs to blog about.  2 pairs of socks, 2 hats and drum roll please! Aperture! Hope to get these pieces blocked this weekend.  So that leaves my  sommer sleeveless tank and my Kaffe Fassett afghan KAL as the only WIPs in my bag.  I have some projects in mind, I just need to get the materials together and cast on.  I also have a couple quilts that just need the binding, so I may focus on the tank and the quilts for the next couple weeks.  I have several off days in February and I think that would be a great time to get some projects lined up.  I'm participating in the Stash and Burn 15 hats in 15.  I've completed 4 to date, and the Yarniacs are also doing quarterly challenges for stash busting.  I'm hoping these podcasters will keep me focused on my stash busting goals.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


For this week's prompt I like to think more in terms of things I do for myself, to make me feel special, or that I consider a special treat rather than a guilty pleasure.

10.  Silk Almond milk-dark chocolate-while watching the Tour de France  they touted the benefits of chocolate milk as a post ride recovery drink-so being a cycling this is what I came up with and it's delish!
 9.  A bubble bath-especially after a day of serious cooking or cleaning like prepping for Thanksgiving dinner
 8.  Starbucks Flat White-I am slowly becoming addicted to these especially in the afternoon as a pick me up
 7.  Verve Clicquot-I will be indulging in a bottle of real champagne for Valentine's Day-I want to see if it's really all that.
 6.  Pedicures-love how my feet feel afterwards
 5.  Morning coffee or evening cocktails or wine on the deck
 4.  Knitting with a cashmere blend
 3.  Rosewood knitting needles
 2.  High count Egyptian cotton sheets
 1.  Rich moist chocolate cake

I plan to report back on the bottle of champagne-what are you savoring?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Follies

Saturday morning featured ice skating with Kate's Club, and honestly I don't think I've had ice skates on my feet in about 15 years.  Not since the boys were smaller, and were considering ice skating or hockey as an activity they'd like to learn.  I was surprised that 1) I didn't fall and 2) that it came back to me pretty easily.  Not that I was ever an exceptional ice skater, but I could make my way around the rink without clinging to the wall. I thought about doing a short video on my phone, but figured I'd better not push my luck with the whole not falling down thing!    This was literally an all day outing, and when I got home at 5:30, it was nice knowing that dinner was ready in the crock pot, and a glass of wine not far away.  I was asleep by 8:45-who knew ice skating could be so exhausting?!  There were approximately 94 kids and almost 25 chaperones; the kids did great and seemed to have a good time.  Looking forward to the one in spring as long as it's not in May!

I'm thinking 2015 may really be the year of the hat, I cast this on during the Super Bowl.  I knit during the game, so I could watch the commercials.  There were some pretty good ones this year, and even a few that tugged at my heart, and made me cry.  I'm using some stashed yarn that I bought at Purl Soho a while back.  I'm loving the yarn, Alchemy Temple, so soft, squisshy, and great stitch definition, perfect for a hat.  I realized after I purchased the yarn, that it wasn't enough to make much of anything-or so I thought!  On a return trip to NYC, I purchased another skein of the same color, and when I got home from this trip realized that I purchased fingering weight instead of sport weight-ugh! So finally after this yarn has sat in my stash I did a search on Ravelry and well-duh, I had plenty of yarn to knit a hat!  I can be sooooo pretty and smart sometimes.  Anyway, I have plans to use the fingering for a hat, wristers, or mitts.  We'll see, and this photo really doesn't do the yarn justice-it's bright pink- but not this garish. 
It's sorta making me smile on this dreary-blustery Monday morning!  Anything making you smile today?