Friday, February 20, 2015

5 of Friday.

Having a four day weekend is giving me an opportunity to get lots done-some work and some play, and pretty much everything indoors!  I have discovered the BEST place in my house to dry things-our powder room.  Normally we keep the vent closed and the door open, and it's plenty warm.  However, with the vent opened and the door shut-whoa!  I made this discovery yesterday while I was drying my "unmentionables" on my drying rack.  I'm putting it to good use today, getting my FOs blocked has been on my to do list for a couple weeks.  My aperture sweater is currently soaking, and it'll be ready to lay out soon.  Am thinking I'll move it into the powder room tonight so it'll have a chance to dry un-disturbed. So my 5 things on Friday

#5-blocking FOs
#4-going NOWHERE tomorrow cause it's supposed to be quite unpleasant
#3-getting lots marked off my to-do list-which also includes things that are moving us towards getting the house ready for listing.  Still not sure when that will be, but I'll have my chores done anyway!
#2-completing a special-secret project for a special someone (hopefully by tomorrow)
#1-Saturday morning breakfast-something we haven't done in a while and just the 2 of us.

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  1. happy LONG weekend! I love your #1...hope you and Steve do too!