Monday, September 28, 2015


So nice to have a weekend where there wasn't too much by way of obligation.  I didn't even mind the rain, and not being able to go for a bike ride.  All the more reason to stay inside, knit, and get caught up on some shows on the DVR.  Steve had to work Saturday afternoon/evening, so it was just Sophie and me, and we had a fine time.  Friday afternoon was spent on the balcony trying to get an on-line order with sorted out-very very frustrating way to start the weekend, but we made it through.

I got to utilize the fitness center for the first time on Saturday, and was quite please with the set up and the equipment provided.  I look forward to working out no matter the weather.
A bit of laundry
College football [and knitting]-so-so disappointed in Georgia Tech
There were a couple errands that had to be done, but fortunately Sophie got to go with me-one included going to Petco because of the on-line fiasco with trying to order dog food!  With everything so close to our apartment we made our 3 stops and got back in less than 30 minutes.
An evening of knitting, and FINALLY getting Walk Away-under way!  I've started this project over no fewer than 3 times!
I finished To Set a Watchman and I honestly had a hard time putting this one downt-one of the few books I made notes on, and want to discuss it after I read To Kill a Mockingbird so I can finalize my thoughts on both.
I had to be at my office for a few hours, but that didn't keep me from watching the Falcons-of course when I left they were not winning.  Am so glad they pulled out a victory.

The entire weekend required these:
Other than the fitness center NOT being opened on time Sunday-it was a fantastic weekend, and we ended the weekend by having dinner with an old co-worker.  So much fun getting caught up.  Hope you had a little bit of sunshine for your weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall is a time for cooler temperatures and yummy eats.

The last few days in Atlanta have been glorious and have teased us that fall is here, so the prompt on favorite foods for fall is well timed.

10.  Apples and pears [the above is this morning's breakfast-Jif all natural peanut butter is THE bomb!]
   9.  Chili-all types red-white-vegetarian.  Love how it can be made ahead, put in the freezer, enjoyed as leftovers, and makes fabulous nachos!
  8.  Gumbo-which is NOT chili-spicy-hearty-and like #9 make ahead and enjoy a bowlful a few days later!
  7.  Homemade chicken noodle soup [also not to be confused with chili or gumbo ;-)]
  6.  Costco's autumn bark-if you've had it you know what I'm talking about!
  5.  Freshly baked bread-it's good all year, but if I'm making it myself has to be done when it's cooler out.
  4.  Lasagna-veggie is the best but hubby likes meaty lasagna-will have to figure out a compromise.
  3.  Pumpkin bread-muffins-or cupcakes.  Not the pumpkin flavored stuff- homebaked goodies that use the real deal.
  2.  Butternut and spaghetti squash [goes great with chili for a healthy version of sincinnati chili]
  1.   Mac and cheese-I have to be so careful with this, and it has to be homemade of course!

Hopefully our weather will continue to evolve into fall for good, but knowing how suddenly Georgia weather changes-it could be a heatwave next week!  What culinary adventures await you this fall?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where to begin?

This is the current state of the guest/Andrew's room.  There is a TON of artwork to the left that didn't make it into the photo.  Now that we are full time apartment dwellers the task at hand is to sort through a barrage of boxes.  Our storage unit is full, so I have no idea where this stuff along with the other boxes are going to go.  The other day I walked in and had to walk back out-not quite ready to deal with it.  If I could get the sewing notions organized who really needs 4 pin cushions? Decide where to put my wedding dress along with the 4 EMPTY very large storage containers, that honestly, we don't need and won't ever need.   Oh well, the next few days will include going to 2 footballs games (GT and the Falcons), a 5K at the Georgia Dome and a birthday party for a sweet boy who is turning 1.  I have a feeling that there won't be much progress in the unpacking realm for a while longer! It's almost Friday-hope there is something fun on your to do list.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend full of fun

Finally a prompt that I could easily blog about, and hopefully there will be more posts since I'm not dividing my time between our now sold house and our apartment.  I love long weekends and try to balance it with fun stuff and projects .  Here's how I spent my time.

10.  2 very long walks with Sophie
  9.  Eating and drinking on the balcony, along with some people watching!
 8.  Fabric shopping and lunch with Mary-so much fun, and I was inspired to come home and try to get my fabric sorted and into better storage than moving boxes!
  7.  2-25 mile bike rides with Steve-I would have gone on a 3rd, but my tosh was hurting too bad!
 6.  Mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough
 5.  Went grocery and gift shopping with Steve, something we haven't done in AGES!
 4.  Watched TV-college football and Get Shorty-love this movie and read the book back in May which was equally enjoyable.
 3.  Celebrated a special birthday for a special girl with special people-Happy 21st Paula
 2.  There was some knitting and reading
 1.  Slept in just a little bit on Saturday and Sunday

Hope your Labor Day weekend was full of things that make you smile-mine sure did!