Monday, September 28, 2015


So nice to have a weekend where there wasn't too much by way of obligation.  I didn't even mind the rain, and not being able to go for a bike ride.  All the more reason to stay inside, knit, and get caught up on some shows on the DVR.  Steve had to work Saturday afternoon/evening, so it was just Sophie and me, and we had a fine time.  Friday afternoon was spent on the balcony trying to get an on-line order with sorted out-very very frustrating way to start the weekend, but we made it through.

I got to utilize the fitness center for the first time on Saturday, and was quite please with the set up and the equipment provided.  I look forward to working out no matter the weather.
A bit of laundry
College football [and knitting]-so-so disappointed in Georgia Tech
There were a couple errands that had to be done, but fortunately Sophie got to go with me-one included going to Petco because of the on-line fiasco with trying to order dog food!  With everything so close to our apartment we made our 3 stops and got back in less than 30 minutes.
An evening of knitting, and FINALLY getting Walk Away-under way!  I've started this project over no fewer than 3 times!
I finished To Set a Watchman and I honestly had a hard time putting this one downt-one of the few books I made notes on, and want to discuss it after I read To Kill a Mockingbird so I can finalize my thoughts on both.
I had to be at my office for a few hours, but that didn't keep me from watching the Falcons-of course when I left they were not winning.  Am so glad they pulled out a victory.

The entire weekend required these:
Other than the fitness center NOT being opened on time Sunday-it was a fantastic weekend, and we ended the weekend by having dinner with an old co-worker.  So much fun getting caught up.  Hope you had a little bit of sunshine for your weekend.

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  1. you packed in a lot! I think I (finally) saw the sun for a few minutes this afternoon, but I'm not sure I recognized it!