Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pass the clicker

Have wanted to get back into blogging for a while, and this week's topic is easy AND I remembered!  So here's my list of movies that I have to watch if I catch it while channel surfing, and in no special order

10.  Animal House-yea, really don't ask-drunken frat boys
 9.  Urban Cowboy-anything John Travolta
 8.  Saturday Night Live-um yea-I'm a disco freak
 7.  Rocky-first movie I remember seeing at the movie theater-yo Adrian
 6.  The Godfather-what is it about this movie-a don't miss
 5.  Ferris Beuller's Day Off-defined my high school years
 4.  Beverly Hills Cop-a young Eddie Murphy-love the music in this one-more high school days
 3.  Dirty Harry& Sudden Impact-Clint Eastwood-any more questions?!
 2.  The Natural- and a REQUIREMENT in our family if you claim to be a baseball fan.
 1.  Tombstone-yea-I'll be your huckleberry

There are so many movies out there sometimes it's really hard to just pick a few.  Thank you Carole for a fun topic.

**The photo has NOTHING to do with the list of movies-just a glimpse of the traffic I DON'T have to sit through-just me and Sophie taking our evening walk.


  1. YAY, what a treat to see you back in my reader!!!! Glad to see The Natural on your list :-) and Clint's westerns almost made mine (ours) - my pick would be High Plains Drifter or Pale Rider.

  2. I'm so glad you are blogging again! I love your movie list and can't believe I forgot to put Ferris on my list!

  3. Glad you are back! I wondered what you were up to these days,and how Sophie was doing.