Thursday, June 23, 2016

Knitting Lesson(s)

Here's a Throw Back Thursday for ya--- 25 years back-summer of 1991-goodness my hair 0.o.  Me and my sister in law Mary at my in-laws patio home in Blue Water Bay, Florida.  We are both working on sweaters for the newest granddaughter-Jillian.  Mary is pregnant with Sara, and I am newly married into the family.  We also did a road trip to Grove Hill, AL that summer.  This was my very first knitting project, and Mary was so patient with helping me with the whole casting-on thing.  My knitting has definitely come a looooong way since then.  I never gave Jillian the baby sweater, it was truly horrendous, but I did hold onto it for a long time.  Now that we've moved-umm a few times, I'm wishing I still had it.  I'm so thankful for these [and the continued] lessons I've received.

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  1. oh my! wow we were young! (and had SO MUCH HAIR!!)