Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Battling the winter blahs

the 10 on Tuesday prompt was appropriated considering what greeted me when I landed in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon.  Honestly, winter in the south is generally not to bad-unless we several inches of snow dumped on us every 3-4 years! Last year's snow jam made us the laughing stock of the rest of the country.  The hotel I stayed in has proven to be very cozy and homey,  but I am looking forward to getting back home.  Some of the things I do-
10. Knit-winter is the perfect time to for quick cozy knits like hats, mittens and cowls.  Doing these projects in bright colors makes me happy.
  9.  Enjoying a spicy and hot beverage or one with some zing
  8.  Having a fire going in the fireplace
  7.  Making sure the blinds/curtains are always open-especially when the sun is shining!
  6.  Go for a walk-like #7 especially when the sun is shining-i like the idea of banking the good days to off set the gloomy days.
  5.  Work on quilts in bright colors-nothing better than cheery sunny fabrics
  4.  Indulge in a margarita! mmmm lime
  3.  Read a book set in a warm/sunny place or the beach
  2.  Listen to upbeat music
  1.  Remind myself that every day of winter brings me closer to spring!


  1. I'm sorry Philadelphia didn't greet you more warmly! Hopefully you didn't have to travel any further north where we had ice, sleet, and the dreaded wintry mix. I really like your idea of banking the good days to offest he gloomy ones - true in winter and true in life!

  2. I like to work on projects with bright colors during the winter as well. It makes me happy! I'm sure you anxious to get back home. I know the weather up here in the northeast has not been real sunny of late.

  3. I love going for walks especially when it's nippy outside!

  4. I love having all the curtains open too! Most of my windows don't even have curtains anymore. That's how much I love the sunlight. Visiting from Ten on Tuesday

  5. I'm with you about a beachy read.

  6. Love the idea of "banking" the sunny days...it would've been nice these past few rainy weeks to have a healthy balance of sunshine in my account!