Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Being in a happy place

This week's prompt is such a good reminder to focus on the good around me-so what's making me happy?

10.  The sky is so blue, and the sun is shining-60+ degrees today!
  9.  Being extra productive during the last 6 days
  8.  Plowing through the block for this year's block exchange, am anxious to move onto other things, but can't til these are done.
  7.  Sophie coming home exhausted from her time at doggie day care-helped make #9 possible.
  6.  The wonderful and supportive women in my life right now.
  5.  Getting a chance to hang out with my sewing friends
  4.  Getting a chance to hang out with my knitting friends
  3.  The books I've read and am currently reading for the Book Riots Read Harder Challenge.
  2.  The deep purging of stuff over the last couple weeks.
  1.  being almost done with ALL THAT attached I-cord on my Aperture cardigan!

I'm sure I could list tons more, but I think these are definitely the top 10!



  1. Hooray for purging of stuff! I just started yesterday and want to keep some momentum so I'm going to make myself do at least one cupboard today. Your fabric looks colorful enough to make anyone happy!

  2. Your list made me happy! I need to get into the Bookriot list. I've downloaded it but haven't studied it.

  3. hoping we might get to see all that attached icord AND a finished sweater in a few weeks?! ...and then you'll be hanging out (again!) with knitting friends :-)