Monday, November 3, 2014

October has come and gone.

Lots of different views this month.

~Celebrating Sophie's birthday, of course, she makes several appearances throughout the month.
~Knitting/knitwear was featured 6 times (the Falcons project bag contains a WIP)
~Football was prominent-Georgia Tech and Atlanta Falcons-at least logos were there.
~Highlights from my trip to visit my inlaws
~2 film stars made an appearance on the 7th, Chevy Chase and Ed Helms-in the area filming the      next Vacation movie.  I also saw Beverly DeAngelo.
~several pictures of looking up down and forward-none looking back!
 Looks like I also got to spend quite a bit of time outside.  We had some lovely weather this month.  I believe winter is right around the corner based upon this past weekends weather.

Hope October had some lovely highlights for you!

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  1. isn't Collect great for capturing daily photos?! making that collage is my favorite part. You did have a great month for being out and about. (and for knitting...of course!)