Friday, November 7, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Saw this cool retro bike on my walk this afternoon, of course, had to stop and get a photo or 2.  The light from the sidewalk wasn't quite right, so I had to take it from the street.

2.  I am much further into my Sommer Sleevless Tank than I though, so my knitting bag will be empty very soon.  Time to think about the small knits.

3.  Am so looking forward to my first full weekend as a true emptynester. This whole week since my mother has moved has felt very weird.  I'm doing my best to embrace this change, and not get shackled by guilt. Not easy!

4.  Just bought this book, but don't think I was in time to get the goodie bag :-(-the patterns look lovely don't they?).

5.  I am also looking forward to getting a new do and highlights tomorrow-haven't done anything other than a cut in a very long time.  Photos will definitely be posted.

Happy Friday-the weather here is getting crisp making it perfect for a fire, pizza, and a glass of red wine.  Yes, it's back to being pizza on Fridays!

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