Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring cleaning

Friday's are for spring cleaning around my work space.  I should blog about our weekend to Savannah and Statesboro, but most of the photos are on my DSL camera, and I didn't take near as many photos as I'd have liked.  I might still do that blog post.  Since I knew today would be pretty laid back it seemed like the perfect day to dust-disenfect-purge.  I not only did the physical cleaning which I try to do frequently anyway, I purged lots of files on my desk top.  I have 2 systems that I work between, and the lesser used one had documents going back to 2008!  Yep, those can go for sure.  Lots of deleted emails and an empty recycle bin are sure to make the hard drive zip-zip along now that all the stuff is gone.  I have some purging and organizing at home that I'd still like to complete, and my knitting bag well that has certainly been purged with FOs-yea!

Now there's something to blog about-right?  Well in just a few I'll be taking my lunchtime walk around midtown-it's a gorgeous day out.  Then heading to Cast on Cottage where I hope they haven't already boxed up their Shibui trunk show.  I'm getting pretty excited about warm weather knits.  I love the fresh and re-freshing of spring, and how appropriate for this Good Friday!

Happy Friday-hope spring weather is shining down on you.

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  1. I hope you got to see the trunk show! and yay!!! for spring cleaning and refreshing ... we all need a breath of fresh air this time of year!