Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From the bookshelf

This week's prompt about the last 10 books we've read shows me that I haven't read much since September.  Most of these are either for book club or part of my Books on the Night Stand read harder challenge.  My list includes some winners and losers.  I always check Good Reads after I've read a book to see if my final thoughts are similar to others, and most often if I liked/disliked a book the majority of other reads felt the same way.

 So here you go with the most recently completed at #10

10.  The Girl on the Train-LOVED it.
  9.  Daughter of Fortune-another good one.
  8.  The Widow Clicquot-I decided to read this micro-history because I'm a HUGE fan of champagne/sparkling wine.
  7.  The Mysteries of Pitttsburg-part of the read harder challenge-I didn't get much out of this one.
  6.  Olive Kitteridge-same as #7, but after watching the HBO miniseries the book probably deserves another star.
  5.  The Light Between the Oceans-LOVED this one too.
  4.  Saving Grace- way to predictable and pretty boring characters.  Sorta reminded me of the Shelley Long, Ryan O'Neal and Drew Barrymore movie Irreconcilable Differences. 
  3.  Dear Life Stories-a book club read-just felt kinda -meh about this one.
  2.  The Storied Life of AJ Filby-I liked the story well enough, I listened to this on my way to Florida in October, so don't know if I read the book-book I'd feel differently about it.
  1.  Language of Flowers-LOVED!  This was my book club recommendation, and I enjoyed reading it the second time around and having someone to talk to about it.

What's left your book shelf recently? 


  1. I loved Language of Flowers too :-)

  2. I loved The Light Between Oceans too....beautiful language and good story.

  3. it's interesting where our bookclub reads take us. lately mine have been a lot of "meh" - but I've got The Boys in the Boat and All the Light We Cannot See queue'd for June/October - have high hopes for both!