Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Putting it off.

I don't typically procrastinate.  I like to get things done, and delight in having a "to do" list that has everything ticked off.  I missed Carole's last 2 prompts even though I did have stuff to contribute.  I'll blame Instagram!

10.  Blogging-there's been traveling, boot buying, good food, and lots of knitting.
  9.  Packing up stuff in our house that we won't need for a while
  8.  Tagging items throughout the house that either will be moved, stored, or left until the house sells.
  7.  Washing and storing all my winter-y hand knits-I see the pile and think "next year"!
  6.  Game plan for the Books on the Nightstand Read Harder Challenge.  I'm making great headway with the reading, just not on the final list of books.
  5.  Cleaning off the back deck
  4.  Cleaning out the planters that will either be tossed or planted with flowers for curb appeal
  3.  Bike tune ups-can't go for a ride til this is done.
  2.  Car emissions-can't wait much longer for that though!
  1.  Finishing some sewing projects-I hate being inside when the weather is nice-I'd rather been on the desk with wine, tunes and knitting.

We can get in the habit of rushing to get things done, and we might miss out on the small moments that make big memories.  I try to have a balance, and just have a steady flow of things that are getting done-how do you approach those "to do" lists?


  1. So much to do, so little time. It amazes me how many of our lists are similar. We cleared off most of the deck but still have to repair it. It never ends!!!

  2. You certainly have some MUST do's on your list...me, not so much! I hope you get the bike maintenance done - the weather seems perfect for a ride....

  3. Oh I procrastinate those emissions tests