Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yes, please!

How convenient that I had a photo ready to go for this week's prompt which is about one of my absolute favorite foods CHEESE!!!
10. Featured on this plate from last night when my friend Brenda came over for knitting.  Typsy Goat, Manchego, and Imberico-thank you Costco for the handy packaging, along with some Sharp Cheddar and Swiss.

9.  Brie-especially with some crusty bread.
8.  Blue Cheese-with bread and a glass of red wine, or on a salad.
7.  Fresh Mozzarella- caprese salad anyone?!
6.  Parmigiano Reggiano- especially if it's grated or shaved.
5.  Queso dip-you just can't go wrong with melted cheese!
4.  Goat cheese-any way you serve it, you just can't go wrong.
3.  Feta cheese-see #4
2.  Comte-see #8 & 9
1.  American cheese for those times I'm craving an oohy-goooy grilled cheese and I don't have #'s 2-10!

I may have to make a trip to Trader Joe's of Whole Foods for some fun cheese now!

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  1. I forgot about feta cheese, and I love that stuff!

    I am picky about goat cheese - I don't like it when it's too strong. Which means that most of the time, I avoid it ...