Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pass the bread please

I had to think a little bit about Carole's prompt for this week.  Making sure I didn't include movie characters was tricky when you have so many books that have been made into movies/shows.  The 10 characters I'd invite to a dinner party would definitely get a hand written invitation; however, what would be on the menu-not sure, but champagne would definitely be drunk!

10. Mr. [Fitzwilliam] Darcy- I just know he'd be just as dreamy as Colin Firth!
  9. Kathy Mallory The Mallory Series [Carol O'Connell]-Don't call me Kathy!
  8. Sherlock Holmes
  7.  Miss Marple
  6.  Barbara Havers The Detective Lynley Series [Elizabeth George]
  5.  Mary Poppins-she'd be lots of fun.
  4.  Bertie-44 Scotland Street [Alexander McCall Smith]-so mature beyond his 6 years.
  3.  Maisie Dobbs
  2.  Lincoln Rhyme [Jeffrey Deavers]
  1.  Jamie Frazier-I'd probably just look at him the whole time!

Darcy, Jamie and Bertie would definitely be the outliers amongst the great detectives, but I'm sure Mary Poppins would work her magic and make it a splendid evening.  With so many books I've read, that are filled with wonderful characters it was really hard to keep it at 10.  A very fun prompt.


  1. Oh yes, I would love to meet Barbara Havers and Maisie Dobbs in particular!

  2. Bertie is on my list, too! and we're both heavy on solving murders - I wonder what that says about us?!