Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Carole's prompt makes me wish I had a summer staycation scheduled.  Maybe later this summer it'll happen.  Here's what I'd do on a staycation:

10.  Read a lot or at least try to listen to as many audiobooks as I can manage.

  9.  Enjoy a glass of wine with lunch-it's still a vacation-right?!

  8.  Knitting and lots of it-either finishing up some projects or getting a jump start on others.

  7. Outdoor bike rides everyday if possible, or at least long walks.

 6.  Lunch and knitting dates with friends.

5.  Take care of large and involved projects.

4.  Bake bread or do some other cooking that I wouldn't normally do.

3.  Sleep in on a day or 2-I don't normally change my sleep schedule on vacation, but sometimes it's nice to not HAVE to be up or go to bed at a specific time

2.  Enjoy coffee outside in the mornings.

1. Sit outside and listen to the birds in the morning, and watch the fireflies at night.

Whether it's a staycation or a away from home vacation-time off to decompress is always a good thing.


  1. well ugh - I think Google just ate my comment! so briefly, I think #5 (a project!) doesn't sound much like vacation, but #10 (birds and fireflies) does... I'd love to experience them myself. soon!

  2. #8 reminds me that I need to spend some time on Ravelry to find the perfect Christmas knitting gifts for this year.