Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another 10 things

Yesterday when I was outside at lunch doing some knitting it got me thinking about what I'll miss about our office's current location, as well as, what I won't miss.  Our building has been sold and right now we are looking at property about 15 miles further north, and the move is planned for early 2016. 

10.  I'll miss free and secure parking when I come to Midtown for the Peachtree Road Race, or other events that are in the area.

9.  The great restaurants nearby-walking distance-which I LOVE

8.  I'll miss my short commute-I'm just getting used to being "around the corner".  I'm hoping I can find some alternates that will keep me off I-285.  Even though it'll only be another 15 miles, in Atlanta traffic terms that could mean an hour!

7.  The local color-I get to witness some interesting sites from my window.

6.  Having a shady spot to enjoy knitting and my lunch-am hoping that we will have something similar in our new space.

5.  My morning/lunch time walks-this has been a great area to walk around, and there is always something to see.

4.  I won't miss the stairs-getting copier paper delivered is a true nightmare.

3.  The absolutely INSANE HVAC system in our office.  The building was not designed as office space, and we are constantly having issues.  I know many offices tend to be a little cooler, but ours is to the extreme.

2.  I won't miss not being able to get out of the parking lot due to road work, movie filming, wrecks, downed power lines, etc.,  south of us-it can be difficult manuevering around 4 lanes of one way traffic.

1.  There may be several folks I work with who will go back to their assigned departments or find other jobs due to the added commute time.  Some of these I'll miss and there are some I definitely won't miss.

I really don't know what early 2016 holds for me.  While I really like my job, my salary and my boss I'm not so sure the longer commute will make it worthwhile.  Steve and I are enjoying the area we've just moved to, and would like to stay here for a while.  We'll see, my focus is selling the house, all the other relocation stuff is just stuff.

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  1. uncertainty can be really stressful...if you let it. I'm glad you're not! (so is the new office location a done deal?)