Monday, June 1, 2015

How about a tour . .

This weekend we moved into an apartment so that we can get much needed work done on our house before it goes on the market.  Also, we believe it will be much easier to show if we aren't living there. I have to say my 20 minute commute this morning was soooo nice!  When I saw the apartment for the first time it was not what I expected and I did make a couple frown-y faces, but after the shock wore off I got a better handle on the situation.  Realize that these photos were taken while there was still  light outside; which is so lacking in this apartment, and before we did much unpacking. Hopefully by the end of the week it will have less of that just moved in look.

So from the front door- the living room-I LOVE that I'll get to use my Austin Powers is my boyfriend chair a lot more now.    It's in the perfect spot for knitting and TV watching.  I agree with one of the movers it is groovy!  
Next view from the dining area
We have a small, but nice balcony that gets the morning sun-I will enjoy sitting here in the evenings with a cocktail or glass of wine. 

Here's the kitchen from the door way-it's not the open layout that I thought, and the floor has a bit of sag, but there are new appliances and I like the brown cabinets even though it's not the best paint job.  The wire shelving rack is one that we already had, and we're putting it to good use.  I'm sure I'll change things around over the next few weeks.
View from the sink
The dining area-to the left is my desk, a fold up table with formal dining room chairs in the middle, and PJ's desk and hutch set that has been put to use as a wet bar/liquor/china cabinet.  We are a resourceful bunch ;-).

Now as you go down the hall way-Steve/guest bathroom to the right
Andrew's room on the left-I didn't realize he was going to get a whole room to himself!

Next on the right-a nice size laundry room, but I think the shelf is going to be too high for me to reach.  Luckily we had a cabinet that Steve made that fits, and that'll be a good place for storing detergent and such.
Next on the left is Steve's office/storage room-this is going to require some serious purging, but I can close the door, and not look at it-I'm good with this!
Next up on the right is my walk in pantry-that's right-15 feet or so away from the kitchen I have a HUGE pantry.  Most likely we'll also store our 2 road bikes in here too.  Where the other 3 bikes are going to go I have NO idea.  I love how easily the shelving units fit into this room-Andrew suggested I get a cart to use when I need to get stuff out of this room.  He may be right!
Finally at the end of the hallway is the master bedroom-nice and spacious, but no light fixture or ceiling fan.
and the walk in closet which Steve has graciously given me full use of-currently all my knitting stuff is in here, but once I get things sorted I'll be stashing yarn under the bed, and will have the books on the book shelf.

Here's the master bathroom which Steve again has allowed me to take over, I love the extended vanity.
Steve and I believe these apartments were probably built over 30 years ago, there are aspects that are still dated.  Based on the re-do of the leasing office this complex definitely wants to compete with the newer apartments being built, which is good to know.  The apartment is not totally renovated in the sense that they were gutted and re-done, but rather refreshed.  I love the gray walls which are throughout the apartment, and the carpet.  The floors have some sag in places, but due to the age that's to be expected.  While the finishes (knobs, faucets and such) are updated with the matte nickle finish, the closets still have the old pole and wooden shelves vs the wire closet system.  There are certainly some trade-offs compared to where we've been living, but I think we'll enjoy being here.  Sophie isn't so sure, but there is a nice enclosed dog park area inside the complex, so hopefully she'll make some friends.  Our goal right now is to get our house sold as soon as possible.  If last night was any indication of how safe this complex is, I won't worry about being alone.  It was just Sophie and I here for the first night, and when I couldn't find my keys this morning (car key included) I realized I had left them in the front door (on the outside!) over night-face palm.

Stay tuned for more adventures in downsizing and apartment living!

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  1. I'm loving that I get to share in these adventures - what a "trip" this year is gonna be. Can't wait to visit (and not feel like I need to pack a lunch for the drive). and that last bit with the face palm? I laughed out loud! feeling safe is priceless for sure!