Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lunchtime shuffle

Since I mostly listen to my iphone music when I walk at lunchtime my10 on Tuesday list doesn't include ANY Christmas music.  Fortunately, a local radio station plays Christmas music from Thanksgiving until Christmas day, so there is no need to have those tunes on my phone.  A couple of years ago, I posted on Facebook that I was strolling down Peachtree Street listening to the Bee Gee's Stayin' Alive-which seemed strangely appropriate at the time, and my son and UK cousin found it hilarious that I was channeling my inner Tony Manero-it was really hard NOT to! Here's what's I've got-

10.  After the Disco-Broken Bells, I have no idea how this came to be on my iphone.
  9. All Summer Long-I like the Kid Rock version better, and don't know why there are 2 versions here.
 8.  Also sprach Zarathurstra-this is the theme song from 2001 Space Odyssey.  I used this when I put together a video for our graduating seniors a few years ago-clearly this gets skipped when I am walking!
  7.  Any Way you Want it-Journey
  6.  Ask the Lonely-Journey
  5. Au Font Du Lac-Feufollet- a group that Garden and Gun magazine recommended.  I really like their sound.  Reminds me of New Orleans.
  4. Au milieu des loups-Nourith Sibony-from my French music fixation
  3.  Aupres de mon arbre-Georges Brassens (see #4)
  2.  Babel-Nortec-I heard this sound track at a restaurant near my office.  They are a group out of Tijuana.  No vocals, and I love the sound.
  1.  Barcarolle-Charlotte Church

Clearly I need to update my iPhone tunes-it can be such a pain, and honestly, I skip most of these when I'm walking-depends on my mood.  Carole DID say the first 10 that popped up, so there you go, can't wait to see what others have posted.