Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Focus on the Positive

Carole's prompt this week is a timely one.  With my Mom's upcoming move from our house there is still quite a bit of negative energy, and underlying tension.  Focusing on what's going well is where I need to put my mind right now.

10.  Early voting after work yesterday-one less thing to do.
  9.  Our weather during the last several days-have LOVED sitting on the deck with my knitting
  8.  Watching Sophie chase chipmunks in the back yard-she's quick, but not quick enough. She has also enjoyed spending lots of time outside just handing out.
  7.  The support I've received regarding changes within our household-am trying to remember to breathe through this process.  I don't think I'll be able to exhale until November 2.
  6.  A new blog, and being able to express my true thoughts and feelings.
  5.  My knitting, projects are moving along at a good pace-it has truly been my therapy.
  4.  Learning how to change my bike tire and general maintenance-I FINALLY took a class last week at a local bike shop.
  3. Book Club-am hosting in November, and I picked Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh-am enjoying this re-read.
  2.  My job-very low stress and an amazing boss-really goes far when your personal life has "bumps".
  1.  Lunchtime walks-see #5

Whew-feels good to write this down.


  1. Focusing on the positive is where it's at for me these days too. Glad to see you are doing the same. And hey - knitting ALWAYS helps!

  2. Hopefully you don't pass out from not exhaling until the 2nd! Wishing you lots of positivity and knitting.

  3. Sending positive energy your way! Only 4 more days? And my Boone is fast with the chippies but not quite fast enough either! Thank-goodness.

  4. Bonny's comment gave me a chuckle! Focusing on the positive is always a good idea. Keeping y'all in my thoughts this weekend. xo.

  5. Great list! Thinking of you & sending love! xo -k