Monday, July 18, 2016


This weekend we went to Statesboro to scatter some of PJ's ashes. We've put it off for a while, and it was just time.  I haven't posted anything about PJ's passing on the blog, but Mary did a great job here and here. Eight months later and it is still very difficult.   Since Andrew will be leaving Statesboro soon, and heading to Clemson for graduate school it seemed an appropriate time.  PJ's girlfriend joined us and there were lots of memories and tears shared.  I took a few photos knowing this would probably be the last time we are in the area.  One place we visited was where PJ started Brainiacs Studios.  He dreamed of bringing creative minds and talent together.  We found out at his funeral that he also provided shelter to many people with no place to go.  This place was so peaceful, and I understand why PJ loved it here.
We headed to the campus of Georgia Southern University where PJ earned degrees in International Trade and French.  Where this tree is located is an area known as sweetheart circle-supposedly it looks like a heart from the sky.  I thought this oak tree was a good place to leave a little of PJ behind.  We also headed over to the foreign language department.  Charlotte commented that the whole campus was PJ's favorite place to be, and it was hard to pick just one or two that were special..
While Saturday was pretty draining emotionally and physically-over 8 hours in the car and it was sooooo hot.  We always joked that Statesboro hot was way different than any other hot.
On a different note Sunday was pretty jam packed with stuff- laundry, cooking, a fresh pedicure-manicure and getting caught up with general stuff.  I got out early on Sunday for a bike ride.  I'm managing about 16 miles on city streets in about 90 minutes.  My goal is to do that in about an hour by fall-we'll see.  This is one of my stops-yes that is the I-285 bypass, and yes I may just be a bit crazy!  This kind of cycling certainly keeps me on my toes-and alert!
 I worked on  my blocks on the go for quilts on the grow-the new hexagon, and I am trying to get caught up on these.  I meet up with Brenda and Joyce in a couple weeks.  There are sooo many steps, and it's all hand stitched!
There was also long walks with Sophie along Dunwoody Trail.  This is one of the things we love most about living in this area-so far anyway.
The trip to Statesboro gave me a lot of knitting time too.  I'm about 1/2 finished with a baby blanket for a co-worker's new baby.  I even managed to make some headway on my summer BINGO reading too.  I am looking forward to a couple weekends that are dedicated to bikes rides [both dyas], knitting, reading, dinner out with friends, and a show at our local theater.  Hope your weekend was everything you wanted.

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  1. I'm so glad you made the trip to Statesboro. I hope feeling like it was time helped. and I'm sure PJ loved getting back there. (also impressed you DID stuff on Sunday... can't wait to check out more of your 'hood - with Holly? maybe this weekend?)