Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Georgia on my Mind

Carole's prompt this week sent me on a bit of a scavenger hunt which was fun.   Here's a list of songs that either mention or are about where I live.

10.  The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia-Sung by lots of different people, but Vickie Lawrence was the first to record it.

9.  It's a Rainy Night in Georgia-sung by Brook Benton

8.  Midnight Train to Georgia-sung by Gladys Night & the Pips

7. Chattahoochee-sung by Alan Jackson [the Chattahoochee River is a natural boundary between City of Atlanta and Cobb County.  Affectionately referred to by natives as The 'hooch or The River.

6.  Georgia on my Mind- by Ray Charles

5.  Devil Went Down to Georgia-Charlie Daniels Band-got to see him perform this live at the Grande Ole Opry several years ago.

6. Doraville- Atlanta Rhythm Section-I often wonder if this group is still around.

5.  Love Shack-B-52's

4.  O Atlanta-Allison Krauss

3.  Sitting on the Dock of the Bay-Otis Redding

2. Going to Georgia -The Mountain Goats- never heard this song, but who can resist a group called The Mountain Goats.

1.  The Moon over Georgia-Shenandoah


  1. Wow... fantastic list of Georgia songs!! Bravo for having the best group of songs!

  2. What a great list! Midnight Train to Georgia and The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia lend themselves quite nicely to being sung loudly and badly with friends, especially after several glasses of wine.

  3. ha! I had a few of those songs on my list, too (and after googling, I'm still amazed how big the Rap scene is here... I hadn't heard of many of the artists and none of those songs!)