Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Fun

While the calendar says it's time to put up the white jeans and shoes the weather clearly hasn't gotten the message.  While we had a few days in the 80s it hasn't taken long for the temps to creep back up in the afternoon.  This long Labor Day weekend had a wonderful blend of fun and "must dos"

10.  Football-went to Fado's to see the Georgia Tech vs Boston College game with a local kick off time of 7:30 AM!
 9.  Steve and I finally put up all the artwork that we wanted at the apartment.  There are a few things we want to get reframed, and some things for the office., but for the most part is is done!
 8.  Organized some of the boys stuff-always good do to a little purging and organizing.
 7.  A bike ride-just one as I had other things to do this weekend, but it was great to get out on the road
 6.  A lovely day with Mary-church, lunch [smoke salmon pizza anyone?!], and the movies to see The Light Between Oceans.  So good!  The knitwear was so much fun to see-the period costuming was amazing.
 5.  Sewing- almost done with Tieman baby #2
 4.  Laundry-not fun, but you know something you have to do.
 3.  Reading, I finished The Paris Architect-such a good book, but it ended abruptly so I don't know how I feel about it.  This is a book that will be discussed at my local library so I'll be interested to hear what others have to say about the ending.
 2.  Enjoyed a low country boil on Friday night along with some banana pudding, and burgers on the grill.  Definitely a last blast of summer activity!
 1.  Took a class at the Apple Store-am getting more comfortable with my MacBook.  The Apple Store is such a cool place.

Hope you enjoyed a long weekend, or at least a weekend that brought some joy to your day(s).


  1. I absolutely loved The Paris Architect - I read it this summer. I almost felt like there will be another story coming - at least that is what I am hoping.

  2. productive and fun is my favorite kind of weekend - and it was a treat to spend Sunday with you!