Monday, September 26, 2016


My weekend began on Thursday afternoon, and I had lots of wonderful things planned.  After I picked Sophie up from the groomer, I headed home and took a quick nap before my sister in law Karen came by so we could go to the Georgia Tech vs Clemson game.  Let's just say that the company, food and margarita's at Escorpion was much better than the game itself!

Friday morning I met Mary at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuily exhibit.  It was wonderful.  We spent almost 2 hours at the exhibit and then walked towards midtown Atlanta and enjoyed a delicious lunch and bottle of wine at Cafe Intermezzo-spinach/artichoke crepe and a hummus platter-so good!  I think we spent almost as much time at lunch as we did at the garden talking about everything from politics/religion [just a bit], recently read books, book club dilemmas, our Alaska trip next summer, knitting, etc.  I can't think of a better way to spend the day.
It's these times that remind me how blessed I am to have these wonderful women in my life.
I was thrilled to ride my bike both Saturday AND Sunday-I always start out wondering what in the world am I doing! However, when I'm done I feel sooooo good [and sweaty!].  I was also excited that I didn't have anything else on my calendar for Saturday.  That was my day to do some cooking and get ready for the next week.  I started The Japanese Lover by Isabelle Allende for book club, Still Life by Louise Penny [in my ears], and finished The Secret Place by Tana French.  I enjoyed the Tana French book, but wonder if the author's voice of teenage girls in 2014 is for real-it sounded a bit too 1980s for me.  Saturday also included ALOT of college football, and we actually watched some really good games.  I managed to finish the last square for my Kaffe Fassette Knit Along afghan!  Now I have to block and seam the afghan together ;-P.  I'm not putting any deadlines on myself for this one.

Sunday afternoon included a matinee at our local community theatre-Stage Door Players.  This was our third show, and the first as season ticket holders.  We saw an adaptation of Barefoot in the Park, and it was excellent.  The weekend wrapped up with professional food ball, snacks and then bbq tenderloin for dinner.  I'm still doing really well in Fantasy Football-can't wait to see the results after tonight's game.  Now to decide which train wreck to watch tonight- the debate or the Atlanta/Saints game.  I know I'll be starting with the season premiere of the Big Bang Theory, and I might have to retreat to the bedroom to continue reading another new book Blind Sight by Carol O'Connell.  This is one of mine and my boss's favorite authors and she doesn't have books published very often.  He's already finished it, so I'm dying to find out how this book ends!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that your week is filled with lots of good stuff.

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  1. what a fun-filled weekend! I'm glad I got to be a part of it :-)