Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I've thought alot about the topic that Carole chose for this week especially since we just recently moved from a house to an apartment, and now have the house up for sale.  So I'll split the list because there are somethings I really love about being in an apartment, and there are things I'll certainly miss about not living in a house.


10.  Based on the photo above-sitting on the balcony [which faces west] has become one of our favorite things.  It's shaded, our deck was not, and there are no mosquitoes to constantly swat.  Since there's far less to clean, there is a lot more time to just hang out.

9.  My commute-I've easily cut off 1.25 hours per day between the morning and afternoon drives.

8.  Close proximity to everything-restaurants, grocery stores, bike trail, library, etc.

7.  Repairs and maintenance are no longer my responsibility.  It does help that this place was recently painted and new carpet so it has a newish feel to it.

6.  Valet trash pick up-you put your container outside your door at night, and the little garbage fairies take it away!


5.  The large amount of counter space and the wall microwave.

4.  The garage, especially once winter rolls around.

3.  My grill-can't have one on the apartment balcony :-(

2.  The storage space-especially the linen closet and pantry.

1.  The red front door-I really really like that door!

Really, as long as you are with the people you love it doesn't really matter what kind of space you call home-right?


  1. Exactly! As long as the people you love are with you, it's home!

  2. Absolutely! It's all about the home you create inside with the people you love! (And garbage fairies!!! Oh, man. Garbage fairies!!!)

  3. ditto what Kym said - even the part about the fairies...I love that!