Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back in time-oh the places I'd go

Carole's prompt this week is a tough one for someone with a history degree!  One of my favorite college professors always said if you wanted to go back in time be sure you were part of the rising middle class.  The nobility had to be careful of those who wanted them out of the way and of course there were little things like  revolts.  Let's face it most of the lower/poorer classes had it pretty rough.  Carole's rationale for her list is very similar to my thought process too.

10.  19th Century Paris-oh the artwork-would love to rub elbows with Monet, Degas ,etc.- and the fashion!
  9.  Victorian & Edwardian England-carriages, rose gardens, and yes, the fashion, all that beading!  minus the corsets of course, I'd have to find a work around on this one.
  8.   1960s London-the music-would love to have been part of those screaming crowds in London-and at this point of my life, I'm liking the fashion-thanks Mad Men.
 7.  18th Century Florence-for the artwork-I think I'd have more appreciation if I was going back in time as opposed to being in that time.
 6.  Early 20th Century New York City-watching the city grow I think would be so cool-penthouse on the upper east side please!
  5.  The wild west-I think I'd have been one of those rebel gals wearing boots, pants and sporting a holster!  So much to discover-rough living for sure, but someone had to do it!
  4.  1980s-yes I'd totally re-do my teenage years-especially knowing what I do now, and I'd love to be part of the computer industry that was emerging then.
  3.  Medieval Europe-I'd be married to the guy who was in the weaver's guild or a spice trader.
  2.  Toss up between Elizabethan England-the Old Bard anyone? and The Roaring 20s-short skirts-short hair and flat chests-perfect for me!
 1.   Early 90s when the boys were little-like Carole-I'd have a chance to recherish those moments with my boys.

I'm also loving right now in terms of knitting-so many fabulous patterns, yarns and techniques.  Also, being content with living more with less.  It's going to be fun reading the lists of others.  Great topic!


  1. Yes, the wild west would have been a hoot. Boots and gun and rough-riding! I'm with you

  2. I'd love to see that art and architecture first-hand...but not at the expense of anything I have now. I think I missed the point of today's topic (oops!)

  3. Love your list! I think the 20s would be just wonderful fun. Let's go!!!