Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fab-Fun Footwear

This week's prompt takes me back to my shoe fixation in high school.  There was a shoe store I adored call Wild Pair-you could get the craziest shoes on sale for as little as $5.  I had stilettos in all kinds of colors and styles, and one of my favorite finds was a pair of flat white boots with gold and silver moon and stars on them-great fun for dancing!  Oh, those were the days! When I had my car accident [almost 22 years ago] I broke my ankle and had a knee injury that has prevented me from wearing any shoes with a skinny heel.  Makes me glad that chunky heels and wedges are in style, but on the odd occasion I have a lovely pair of purple suede pumps I'll wear as long as I'm not doing too much standing or walking.  I really miss the days of sky high shoes; I'm 5'1" so I could easily get away with the extra height.  Today my footwear is much different from the big hair and high heels of the 80s, and yes I did sometimes wear ankle socks with lace even though I was 15-18 years old at the time!

10.  Wool hand knit socks-my feet get cold, and these are the best.  They are also fun knitting projects that are very portable.  I think these totally count.
  9.  Flats in assorted colors-love them and can wear them nearly year round here in the South.
  8.  Black Mary Janes-perfect for #10
  6.  Black Clogs-see #6
  5.  New Balance running shoes
  4.  Sandals-so close to being bare-foot
  3.  Clark's riding [style] boots-LOVE LOVE them
  2. No lace Pumas I use for riding my bike indoors.
  1.  Cowboys boots-I only have two pairs, but would like to have more.  They are soooo comfortable, and they make people smile.


  1. I love your purple pumps...and the boots! (I certainly thought you had more than two pairs!)

  2. Those boots are definitely making me smile.

  3. How much do I LOVE your boots!!?!!