Tuesday, December 9, 2014

House 2.5| the granite

Maybe now that we're downsizing and purging, I'll have more to share on the blog.  I'm considering this phase of my life as House 2.5 cause it's the same house, with just some changes.  Not really sure when/where/what House 3.0 will be, so for now this is where we are at.  Yesterday I picked out the granite for the kitchen counters, there should be enough leftover to install a new sink in the guest bathroom downstairs which will add a little something there.  The granite is Saint Cecilia light, I wanted to go with something that would compliment the stainless appliances, sink, and faucet.  I love the Saint Cecilia classic, but was afraid it was too warm for the stainless.  It was a bit nerve wracking thinking that it had to work, and there was no turning back once I placed the order.  There was another slab I liked better, but since I feel like I'm purchasing this for a stranger I felt it best to stick with a more neutral piece.  I've taken before photos of the kitchen and will post them along with the after photos once this is installed which should be in a couple weeks.  Stay tuned-more to come!

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  1. it is a little scary! but you're gonna love the granite...no matter the color!