Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 things still to do.

Carole's prompt has made me a little hungry.  Most of things left on my to do list aren't in preparation for Christmas Eve/Day, but things that just need to get done.

10.  Weave in ends and wrap Mom's Christmas socks (they are due on the 27th)
  9.  Buy one more gift-the wine shop was closed by the time I got there yesterday.
  8.  Waiting on one more gift to arrive and wrap.
  7.  Finish my Happiness beret-down to about 40 stitches now-deadline is the 25th so I can wear it on the 26th.
  6.  Clear out our guest room-need to move stuff into the basement for post-Christmas sorting for storage, donation or trash.
 5.  Watch a Christmas movie from start to finish-have only seen parts so far.
 4.  Address Christmas cards-they haven't arrived from Shutterfly yet-I'm getting a little worried.
 3.  Attend Christmas Eve service-pray it's not raining between 10:30 and midnight.  Hate when it's dark, cold and wet.
  2.  Attend one more family-ish gathering on the 27th.
  1.  Make to do list for after Christmas!

I was feeling a little stressed about the things that were on my Christmas to do list for a while there-several stops that had to be made on my way home from work.  I pretty much never wait until the week of Christmas to wrap gifts, but you know what?  That's okay, it got done, and it's all good.

Wishing EVERYONE a very Merry Christmas [or whatever holiday you celebrate].



  1. I have started to think about the after Christmas To Do list too! Enjoy your holiday :-)

  2. Good luck finishing up your final knitting projects. I've got a couple of last minute things going, but it's no biggie if they aren't finished for the holiday. It will be close enough.

  3. I love #10!! Good luck with your list. May you get it all done and enjoy your Christmas!

  4. post-Christmas...you're right! looking forward to the debut of your new beret on Friday!