Monday, July 17, 2017


Hi! for sure it has been a while. I sincerely am trying to get back into the groove of doing posts. There has been lots going on despite the silence.  With Mary's help by email, and this wonderful diagram I finally got moving along on Tide Chart.  I spent a good chunk of Saturday working on it, and by Sunday afternoon had divided for the sleeves.  I'm hoping that I'll have it finished for our trip to Alaska in 29 days!  My plan is to start knitting the sleeves after a few more rows on the body, and then if I don't have it finished it'll make great airplane knitting.  Last week I work feverously on Stillwater.

and have plans to try Beckett and Brookings by Marie Greene.  If these are as well written as Stillwater they are going to be great additions to my wardrobe.

We had a short visit with Andrew on Saturday, he will be staying with us while he looks for a job, so he brought a load of stuff to put in storage and spent the rest of the day hanging out.  I'm looking forward to having him home for a bit, and we are also we're hoping he'll be able to dog sit for us while we're gone too!  I've been wanting to visit the cemetery where my grand parents, great-grand parents, and one set, possible 2 great-great grandparents are buried.   I was named after my great-great grandmother on my dad's dad's side, and last time I visited I couldn't find the head stone.  I was a bit worried that the engraving had weathered to the point of being unreadable.  However, that was not the case, and I made notes as to the location of the grave sites.  It's really sad to see how much this cemetery has been neglected its quite old and dates back to 1836.  Maybe I'll get involved with the Roswell Historical Society at some point.  I definitely want to go back when we're not getting eat up  by mosquitos and try to tidy up my family plots.  The main headstone for the Bowens had fallen over, and I'd like to have that put back to rights.

Steve and Sophie came with me so we had a nice afternoon getting out of the apartment, and of course, the promise of pizza helped too!  We ate at Diesel, which is a converted car repair garage which I would by on my way to and from school as a kid often stopping to talk to the mechanic nicknamed "Pickle".  

It was definitely a weekend to be Italian as I've been craving spaghetti, not just meat sauce, but the noodles, so I made sauce on Saturday, set up my pasta machine I bought a few months ago, and voila!  So tasty!  I have been using buckwheat flour for the last few batches to cut down on the gluten, and I plan to do a bit more experimenting with home made pastas. Andrew has promised to not pack up his pasta machine- the hand crank kind, so we can try out some ravioli and pappardella.

The weekend was also filled with reading for Summer bingo, blog reading, watching the Tour de France, Wimbledon, soccer, a bit of laundry, and binge watching Turn.  Whew-no wonder I was tired when i hit the sack!  Hope your weekend had lots of things that made you smile

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  1. Wow, that was one jam-packed weekend! Super-impressed with the homemade pasta. Please invite me when you make ravioli :-)