Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend full of fun

Finally a prompt that I could easily blog about, and hopefully there will be more posts since I'm not dividing my time between our now sold house and our apartment.  I love long weekends and try to balance it with fun stuff and projects .  Here's how I spent my time.

10.  2 very long walks with Sophie
  9.  Eating and drinking on the balcony, along with some people watching!
 8.  Fabric shopping and lunch with Mary-so much fun, and I was inspired to come home and try to get my fabric sorted and into better storage than moving boxes!
  7.  2-25 mile bike rides with Steve-I would have gone on a 3rd, but my tosh was hurting too bad!
 6.  Mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough
 5.  Went grocery and gift shopping with Steve, something we haven't done in AGES!
 4.  Watched TV-college football and Get Shorty-love this movie and read the book back in May which was equally enjoyable.
 3.  Celebrated a special birthday for a special girl with special people-Happy 21st Paula
 2.  There was some knitting and reading
 1.  Slept in just a little bit on Saturday and Sunday

Hope your Labor Day weekend was full of things that make you smile-mine sure did!


  1. All your fabric looks so full of possibilities spread out beautifully like that! What a lovely well-rounded weekend you had!

  2. So glad I got to spend TWO parts of the weekend with you - and looking forward to more celebrating this weekend, too!