Tuesday, May 19, 2015

As you travel down the road before you

Carole's prompt is timely since my oldest graduated from Georgia Southern 2 weeks ago (wow doesn't seem like it!).  The commencement speaker was an student at GS 20+ years ago, and he gave a very good speech.  Short and to the point, but full of good advice.

10.  Well done-in 4 years PJ earned 2 Bachelor degrees in International Trade and French.
  9.  Never give up
  8.  Life's road will have speed bumps and detours; keep both hands on the steering wheel and don't get distracted.
  7.  Do what makes you happy and brings you joy.
  6.  Be a person of integrity.
  5.  Your first job doesn't have to be your career.
  4. Take care of yourself-mind, body and soul.
  3.  Take advise from people who are successful.
  2.  Take responsibility for your own actions and choices.
  1.  Always be willing to learn

I wish someone had given me some advise like this when I got out of high school.  I might have gone to college a lot sooner!

Thanks Carole for a timely and reflective prompt.


  1. Excellent list with advice that all graduates should listen to! Even if they might not listen now, I'm sure they'll come around to your words of wisdom with experience. More people (not just graduates) should pay attention to #2!

  2. You're right--I wish someone had given me this advice!

  3. I think one thing everyone should realize is that your first job is just that - your first job! Very few of us get exactly what we were hoping for first thing.

    Nice list!

  4. People did give me this advice when I graduated high school I wish I had listened!! I especially love that they must not think their first job is their career. Just get a job!

  5. isn't it fun to have a college graduate! I'm sure PJ is listening to all this advice, right?!