Monday, November 10, 2014

tis the season.

We started a tradition in my office a few years ago of providing breakfast for our veterans thanking them for their service. Of course, we have to do it the day before since the day of is a holiday for our office. I picked up bagels from Einsteins [which has opened right around the corner-yeah!], and when I was setting up, I noticed they were already using Christmas-y packaging.  At first I was like-geez really, it's not even Thanksgiving-I'm not ready for winter-y colors-I'm still enjoying the golds, reds and browns.  Anyway, the message on the boxes got me thinking and is a reminder to keep a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances- share the warmth and be joyful and bright.  Thank you Einsteins for inspiring me on a Monday morning.
Also, I had planned to do a weekend lens blog post, but couldn't get a good photo of my new haircut, or the knitted tunic that I finally got to wear.  I did take a photo of the gorgeous sky that I got to enjoy while running errands.  I should have taken a photo of the wonderful white chicken chili we had on Saturday and the gumbo we had on Sunday, but the bowl was empty before the thought crossed my mind.  I think the medication I've been on for shingles has made me more tired and sluggish-not sure.
How about I share a photo of, Sophie who has developed her own language for letting me know what she wants-lately she barks to go outside, not to do her business, but to play-she is so like a human child!  She much prefers the cooler temps since she has her own fur coat, and has begun spending a lot more time outside in the recent days-hunting and chasing chipmunks-hence the dirty nose.  Yesterday just before dark she insisted on chasing the ball, so I got the golf club and hit the same 2 balls back and forth for about 20 minutes, and she had the best time-she slept REALLY good last night!
I mean that face-it just gets me.

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  1. it is hard to be mad about holiday packaging - even on November 10th! - that has such a nice message. I hope the medication is helping (and I'm sure it's got to have plenty of side effects). Can't wait to see the new 'do!!