Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Saturday sorta started in reverse due in part to the rain when it was time to take Sophie out for her pee break.  Normally I get on the bike to get my exercise time in-instead I opted for coffee-knitting-and blog reading.  Such a nice change.  Once the rain stopped- thank you Dark Sky app it was time for a dry morning walk with Sophie then my bike ride [on a trainer going no where with my ipad].  By 11:30 I was showered and ready to do my short list of errands.  I had hoped that weather would permit a top down morning, but it was just a bit blah.
First stop was to Cast on Cottage.  I had  gift certificate, saved up lunch money, and a plan.  Well a plan for 2 sweaters, but I couldn't resist a fabulous sale on fabulous yarn.  I ended up with 3 lots of yarn with no pattern in mind, but I'm sure after bit of time on Ravelry I'll find plenty of options.  Maybe I'll be a good blogger and actually talk about my plans.  I do have my eye on some hot pink Rowan Finest if it's still there in a couple weeks!  Alas, upon my departure the skies turned blue and the top went down!
My next stop was to the Buford Highway Farmer's Market.  I had planned to take a photo of this wonderful place, but forgot.  Next time I will do better.  I am embarking on a two-week clean eating plan, and the BHFM was the right place to get all the ingredients necessary.  I had to get the final few things at Sprouts and I made it home in time for the start of the 2nd Atlanta United home game.  We thought it would be on Fox South, but noooooo-UniMas was the channel showing the match, and the entire commentary was in Spanish.  It was a bit hilarious, and the AU won-and we're leading the MLS right now.  So much fun to watch, and no TV time outs so the game really does go by quickly.
As tempted as I was to start Sunday as I did Saturday I decided to get back to my normal routine and there was a very pleasant walk after my workout with Sophie.  It was chilly, but still a lovely morning.
Once back I spent a good 3 hours washing, chopping, prepping and cooking for the next week.  I think Steve was a bit worried I'd run out of work space, but it was set to right well before bedtime.
In between KP I managed to get a baby hat and leg warmers washed and blocked.  These are for one of the staff members where my Mom's been doing physical therapy.  She has a baby due in August and the ladies have been so wonderful and kind during the last 12 weeks.  I was tempted to knit hats for everyone, but not knowing their taste I got them Turkish delight and some Polish candy from the BHFM instead.  They were delighted with the candy and the wee things for the baby.
I also managed to get my Shibui Rain re-hanked and washed in between dinner and old episodes of Breaking Bad.  I should have taken a photo of how I used the legs of our dining room chairs to make the hanks all tidy.  I was very tempted to skip this step, but since I want my project to look it's best I took the time necessary to bring the yarn back to life.  Very glad I did too.
By the end of the day I was quite exhausted, but also quite pleased for getting everything I needed/wanted to accomplished.  I also managed to watch an episode of Mrs. Fishers Murder Mysteries on Netflix- soooo delightful.  Imagine a very unconventional and glamorous woman in 1920s Australia.  Another wonderful suggestion from my boss-I HIGHLY recommend.  How was your weekend-was it what you'd hoped for?


  1. Oh Karen turned me on to Miss Fisher - I've seen every episode and LOVE it! Glad you're only on a clean eating plan; I'd hate to see you miss out on the fun of wine tasting at this weekend's pickup party!

  2. I love Miss Fisher too. When you're done, try Murdoch Murders - also great... and on netflix.