Thursday, January 12, 2017

Think Write Thursday| You are invited . . .

Carole and Kat's prompt for today was to invite 3 people to a dinner party either alive or dead.  I agree with Carole that the topic itself is not tough, but narrowing it down might be the hard part.  I loved Mary's posted about past family dinners, and I totally cringed at seeing my big hair and glasses.- I did love the 80s!   I have to say my food palette, hair and style of dress have certainly matured since that photo was taken.  Anyway, it didn't really take me long to come up with my 3 people.  I'd invite PJ, cause I'd want to be able to talk to him one more time [I miss him terribly], Elizabeth I, and the apostle Paul.  All three of these individuals were very passionate --PJ [music], Elizabeth I [her country and who she was], and Paul [his faith].  I've seen and studied a lot of paintings about the road to Damascus and I'd love to hear about that experience.  Elizabeth I was one of my favorite monarchs to study in college, and I think she's just so cool.  Of course, I'd let Andrew decide the menu and cook the meal.  I'd be happy to help, and hopefully it would be cooked in a kitchen like the one we had in our last house [in the photo] where we could be together and enjoy a nice red wine while Andrew cooks.  This prompt also reminds me that I need to plan a family meal soon!


  1. An eclectic and totally wonderful guest list for your dinner, and I really like your idea about having Andrew plan and cook the meal!

  2. :-) your dinner sounds wonderful and delicious! and the guests would certainly inspire some fabulous conversations!