Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekending| Solitude [almost]

This weekend presented an opportunity to get lots done, and also a chance to re-charge before the holidays are in full swing.  Saturday started with real breakfast for Steve and I and getting organized. It was a full day of errands and test driving a car-not sure if this is THE one, but it was a lot of fun to drive and despite the 46 degrees we drove it with the top down and the heat up!  The designing of convertibles now really keep the wind off, and no wind noise.  Of course, the Audi is a little more practical [if a convertible can actually be practical!] than this one I'm considering!  That evening we went to see the next play in the series at Stage Door Players-note to self-do not go to the 8pm show unless you get to have a nap. I started to doze on Steve's shoulder after intermission because it was getting past my bedtime, and it was not because the play was boring!

While I was zipping around town Steve got our tree and put lights on the balcony. [yea! lights outside].  On Sunday I pulled out a few things to have around the apartment, but most things are going back into the garage as we just don't have the space to go all out with decorations.

Steve had to work Sunday and meet up with someone afterwards, so he didn't get home until way late.  I was looking forward to a productive day, and it certainly was- I did some tidying up, laundry, made my shopping list for Christmas meals, addressed Christmas cards, got Monday night's dinner together, prepped my dishes for the office lunch [also known as the day Lydia gets to order everyone around] and my book club pot luck both of which are on Tuesday.  Clearly poor planning on my part as I set the day of the office lunch!  Sophie got a good brushing [which she didn't really enjoy], and then we took a nap since we had a 90 minute walk that morning!  I have to be ready for the last episode for this season of the Walking Dead [I know so holiday-y].  What I really loved about having the apartment to myself on Sunday was that I put on Pandora as soon as I got back from walking Sophie, and listened to Holiday music ALL DAY!  Yep, the TV didn't come on until around 5ish when I checked on the Falcons vs Rams game.  I didn't even log onto my Fantasy Football league to see how I was doing in the playoffs-well let's just say it's no competition when all but one of your top players had to be replaced with not so good players.  Only teams who are good should be in the playoffs [I know, this isn't real football, but still].  It was tranquil and refreshing day, I hope this energizes me to tackle the clearing out of the closet and other organizing I really need to do over the next couple weeks.  I have plans to leave work early on Thursday to finish my shopping, and if all goes well, when I get home I will be DONE-DONE.  I'll just need to get things wrapped, but that's not the hard part.  There is lots I'm looking forward to- including getting together with "the girls" on Sunday, lunch with my quilting friends, and Andrew coming home for a few weeks.  I'm glad I had Sunday to slow down a bit because I've got 4 kinds of cookies to make, a huge pan of stuffing and a "quiche" for Tuesday night's dinner, and work so no time for a nap!

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  1. I need a nap after reading all that ;-) hope this week goes well...excited about our get together on Sunday and don't want anyone to be too tired!