Thursday, August 11, 2016

Around here

Other than it being hot as all get out- there's been a lot of fun stuff
Sunday we had family over to celebrate Andrew heading off to Clemson University for graduate school.  So proud of him and know he's going to do great.  It will be strange having a child living out of state, but he won't be that far way.
Sophie and Andrew's dog Cocoa did great with all the extra people around.  Even Charlie seemed okay with them.  Sophie taking a snooze under the table.  She and Cocoa seem to be tolerating each other fairly well, but I think Sophie will be glad when Cocoa leaves with Andrew!
Hanging up artwork-we didn't do this at the last apartment, so I'm pleased that this is happening now. Makes it feel a bit more home-y AND we now have a table and chairs!
Having Andrew at home also means having his mess, and I am totally okay with this, and I have to admit some of that is mine too!  The other day we went for Happy Hour snacks and then I drove around so Andrew could play Pokemon-GO.  Believe it or not this was a lot of fun-kinda like a scavenger hunt.  I remember the boys playing with Pokemon cards when they younger.  It gave Andrew and I time together, and I also got to explore parts of Dunwoody-win-win in my book.
Finally got a Macbook!  This is the Pro, and boy do I have a learning curve!  I went back and forth about which MB would be the best for me, and I think I made the right decision.  I got input from a lot of MB users.  I am looking forward to taking a class or 2 at the local Apple store..
Sophie being Sophie-I think sometimes she wishes I wouldn't get up quite so early!

Other happenings include making serious progress on my BINGO card.  I have just a few more squares to finish, and I'm going to give myself through September to get everything read.  I have been making full use of the App Overdrive-where has this thing been?!  Looking forward to brunch at Ra where Paula works on Sunday, then birthday knitting next weekend and meeting up with my quilting girls the next week.  Making plans for projects and goals for the fall-hopefully there will be a weekend get away before the holidays come along!

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  1. good stuff! can't wait to hear how you like your Mac... it's hard for me to believe I've loved mine for over five years!