Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Carole's prompt about what to do while listening to an audio book is an easy list to compile, but I'm also hoping to get inspired by others suggest.  My reading plans this summer include more audio and e books, and so doable thanks in part to my discovery of the Overdrive app.

10. Cook dinner or prepare lunch for the next day [photo above]
 9.  Knit!
 8.  Walk the dog
 7.  Fold/do laundry
 6.  Driving-commuting, running errands
 5.  Cutting fabric-which could include sewing-may have to turn the volume up if the sewing machine is going!
 4.  Taking a bubble bath-be careful where you put the device!
 3.  Getting a manicure/pedicure
 2.  Eating lunch/dinner if you are on your own
 1. Grocery shopping

Head over to Carole's blog for more inspiration.


  1. isn't Overdrive the best?! I can't believe I forgot "eating" on my list - I do that all the time while I listen :-)

  2. Grocery shopping...I like that idea! And Overdrive has changed my life too!